Why PensionAppraisalDesk Works How Pension Valuations Work PensionAppraisalDesk™ is a full-service pension valuation solution.

The Advantages...

1. Saves Time. Once you complete the pension valuation intake form, we instantly process the valuation for you through the online system, giving you instant access and full valuation report in both PDF and MSword Versions. With PensionAppraisalDesk™ you eliminate all written requests and lengthy delivery periods because your court ready valuation report is available instantly.

2. Accuracy. Each divorce, plan, and pension is equally as unique as the valuation itself. The data management attributes and the four years of development of the PensionAppraisalDesk™ web-based software allow us to accurately process a valuation using the appropriate method.

3. Full Control. With instant electronic versions (PDF and MSword) of the valuation report you can store them on your computer for future reference. This allows you to manage the valuation we process for you upon receipt.

4. Affordable. We do not sacrifice quality for price. We believe you will not find a more quality and accurate pension valuation for any price anywhere. The low cost of $175 can be attributed to the knowledge and expertise of our support staff and its ability to instantly process accurate pension valuations.

5. Outsourcing. It does not make sense to attempt to value your own pensions when it can be done by experts at an affordable price without sacrificing instant answers and full control. You can also send your clients directly to PensionAppraisalDesk™ to have us process their pension valuation for your review.

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