How PensionAppraisalDesk Works Pension Valuation for Divorce - Three Easy Steps

Three easy steps explained...

Step 1 Create an Account and Complete the Pension Valuation Intake Form.
Inside your private and secure account you are prompted to choose a valuation method (GATT or PBGC) and answer a few questions pertaining to the plan participant and the retirement plan that is being valued.
Step 2 Instantly Print Your Pension Valuation Report.
Once you have answered the required questions, the system alerts you to generate and print your valuation report and related documents. These documents can also be saved to your computer in PDF format.
Step 3 Review Your Pension Valuation for Equitable Distribution Purposes.
Review your pension valuation report and related documents and present them to the opposing side, and/or the court for equitable distribution purposes.

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