Security Yes, the PensionAppraisalDesk™ service is secure and safe. Every piece of information that is provided through the PensionAppraisalDesk™ software and service is encrypted with state-of-the-art internet security technology (the same Verisign® technology banks and the government use) for your security. We take great pride in our ability to keep your personal information private and secure.

All information transmitted from your computer through the PensionAppraisalDesk™ system is encrypted using a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate. It’s easy to tell when your browser is protected by encryption - the lock or key at the bottom of your browser window changes color or is no longer broken. This may vary depending on your browser. You will see that you are in a secure environment when you begin to create your PensionAppraisalDesk™ account.

The Verisign® technology we implement encrypts all of your personal information including credit card number, name, and address, etc. so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet.

Account Access

Access to an account is protected by a unique username and password, which is established when an account is created. Inside each account there is a manage account button that permits the account holder to change the password at any time. Under no circumstances will our support staff ask you for the password, or will they deliver a password over the phone.

Physical Security

We take several measures to ensure your information is protected once it arrives at our data center. Our unsurpassed security measures include:

  • Environmentally controlled fire detection and suppression system.
  • 24X7 secured access and security alarms.
  • 24X7 camera surveillance.
  • Card scans and sign in-and-out procedures with 6 month logs.
  • Redundant power supply.
  • Multiple data paths.
  • Multiple backbone access.
  • Environmental control system.
  • Reinforced raised floors.
  • 24X7 local network operations specialists.
  • 24X7 network data, access, and server monitoring.
  • Key locked location.
  • Key locked rack server.
  • Multiple on-site and remote back-up.
Confidential Guarantee:

Every purchase you make at is sent to you with the intent to make it confidential. We understand the importance of confidentially in regards to any information pertaining to your Pension Valuation and account.

We do not use your personal information ( name, address, e-mail) for anything other than providing you the service. In no way do we sell or rent your information or do we use your information for our own personal use.

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